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What is the task of an ebt observer?

The task of the ebt observer (national observer or EHF delegate) is to check the given criteria, check the draw of groups according to the ebt final ranking of the previous season and to enter the complete tournament ranking (3 days after the end of the tournament at the latest).

The organiser has the task to prove the given criteria to the ebt observer (if necessary) and to provide the ebt observer with the complete ranking of the tournament (in electronic form) on the spot. Any violation by the organiser (and/or by the teams) which might lead to sanctions has to be reported to the EHF Office.

The ebt observer is not allowed to be involved in the tournament in any other function (players, team officials, volunteers, co-organisers).

The nomination of an ebt observer (EHF delegate or national observer) is obligatory for registering as an ebt tournament. In case of a late cancellation or no show upon the start of the tournament the EHF Office (ebt@eurohandball.com) shall be contacted immediatley.



Each head delegate must send an obligatory written report with details and photos of the tournament criteria (e.g. organiser points) within three (3) days after the end of the tournament. The results and final organiser points will only be published on the ebt website after the delegate’s report is received and checked by the EHF Office.

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