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How do I qualify for the ebt Finals with my ebt team?


Teams qualify by good performance (the best 3 results) for the EHF-approved final tournament of the European Beach Tour. This final tournament will take place at the opening of the following European Beach Tour.

In case of more teams with the same points, the ranking will be fixed through the evaluation of the best-ranking positions in the three (3) tournaments examined.


the first 12 nations are eligible to qualify. If the first-ranked team of a nation does not use its participation right, the second( or third) ranked team of this nation, which has sent its registration will be selected.

If less than 12 nations apply, the next ranked (according to the ebt ranking) of any nation that provided a registration for the ebt Finals will be selected.

One nation cannot have more than 3 participants in the same tournament, even considering the defending champions and the wildcard for the organizers.


One wildcard team in both the men’s and women’s competitions is designated to the hosting organiser.

Reign Champions:

Defending Champions are automatically qualified but need to register within the given deadline.


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