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Calise Cup 2016

02.07.2016 to 03.07.2016 - Via Marina di Serapo, ITA
for Male+Female teams

Phone: +39/3279558775
Fax: +39 771 743074
EHF Beach Handball referees:
Iuliana Alexandra Rosca
Gianna Stella Merisi
Luciano Cardone
Sebastiano Manuele
Alexandra-Cristina Baltat
Daniela-Andreea Enache
Natasa Visnjic
Janez Peskar
Darjan Vojin
EHF Beach delegates:
Ciro Cardone
Andrzej Jaworski
Jacinta Garcia Sanchez

**) Participation not confirmed yet

*) Internet live-streamingTrue
*) Number of foreign teams5 or more
Prizemoney (in cash only)€ 1 - € 999
Playing days (not including youth / additional competitions)2
Men's and women's tournaments to be played at the same timeTrue
A youth tournament to be played at the same venue and time; Nr. of Teams4 or more
Kids day organised during tournament (min. 20 children in the age between 8 and 12 years lasting min. 2 x 2 hours)True
TV transmissionRegional live TV
2 Internet access points for the competitors, free of chargeTrue
Stands for minimum of 300 spectatorsTrue
1 electronic scoreboard per court (indicating playing teams - max 25 points)on 1 court
Artificial lighting for matches played at night min. 500 Lux (only valid if used)!True
Loud speakers and music during tournamentTrue
2 referees per matchTrue
Catch nets behind all goalsTrue

*) Bonus points will be added in case the respective requirements were fulfilled!

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