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VIII. Salgo Cup

27.07.2017 to 30.07.2017 - 48°07'58.3"N 19°49'01.9"E, HUN
for Male+Female teams

Phone: +36304886997, +36304861143
Fax: +3632316639
EHF Beach Handball referees:
Borna Bozikovic
Tea Vidovic
Natasa Visnjic
Darjan Vojin
Janez Peskar
Georgiana Doana
Ana-Maria Gociu
Megi Kaneva
Ralitsa Todeva
EHF Beach delegates:
Ferenc Bonifert
Laszlo Bocz
Lazar Miskov
Marco Bodmer

**) Participation not confirmed yet

TV live transmission (min. 90 minutes or women's and men's finals=National wide live TV
Internet live-streaming (link to be provided to the EHF PRIOR to the tournament)True
2 Internet access points or w-lan for the competitors, free of chargeTrue
Stands for minimum of 300 spectators on main court
1 electronic scoreboard per court (indicating playing teams - max 25 points)on 4 courts
Artificial lighting for matches played at night min. 500 Lux (only valid if used)!True
Loud speakers and music during tournamentTrue
Men's and women's tournaments to be played at the same timeTrue
2 referees per matchTrue
Prizemoney (in cash only)€ 2.000 - € 2.999
Playing days (not including youth / additional competitions)4
Number of foreign teams5 or more
A youth tournament (aged 12-16 years) to be played at the same venue and time; Nr. of Teams4 or more
Catch nets behind all goals on all courtsTrue
Kids day organised during tournament (min. 20 children in the age between 8 and 12 years lasting min. 2 x 2 hours)True

*) Bonus points will be added in case the respective requirements were fulfilled!

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