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7th International Indoor Beachhandball Tournament

05.01.2013 to 06.01.2013 - Einsiedeln, SUI
for Male+Female teams

92 +0 *)
EHF Beach Handball referees:
Giovanni Staunovo
EHF Beach delegates:

**) Participation not confirmed yet

Ranking Men

1. 162pts Russia SC-Ekaterinodar 70pts  + 92pts Details
2. 152pts Norway NOR Beach Handball 60pts  + 92pts Details
3. 142pts Croatia DETONO ZAGREB 50pts  + 92pts Details
4. 132pts Switzerland Albena Beach Bulgaria (ABB) 40pts  + 92pts Details
5. 122pts Switzerland Batumi Beach Georgia (BBG) 30pts  + 92pts Details
6. 112pts Switzerland Copaca-Bâle 20pts  + 92pts Details
7. 102pts Switzerland HSG Wasserschloss 10pts  + 92pts Details
8. Sable Dancers Bern (Non EBT team)
9. Germany Flying Gag Details
10. Slovakia Langose Details
11. Gipfeli Express (Non EBT team)
12. Netherlands Paksoft Camelot Details
13. Sandstormtroopers (Non EBT team)
14. Switzerland Seleçao Mulaffos Details
15. Uznach (Non EBT team)

Ranking Women

1. 112pts Switzerland Beachqueens 20pts  + 92pts Details
2. 102pts Netherlands Paksoft Camelot 10pts  + 92pts Details
3. Slovakia Kanonierky Piccard Senec Details
4. Switzerland Wyfelder Sandfrösch Details
5. Plauschcheibe (Non EBT team)

Tournament Details

TV transmission
Internet live-streamingFalse
DVD post competition productionFalse
Internet access for the competitors, free of chargeTrue
Stands for minimum of 300 spectatorsFalse
1 electronic scoreboard per court (indicating playing teams - max 25 points)on 1 court
Artificial lighting for matches played at night (min. 500 Lux)True
Loud speakers and music during tournamentTrue
Men's and women's tournaments to be played at the same timeTrue
2 referees per matchTrue
Prizemoney€ 1 - € 999
Playing days2
Number of foreign teams5 or more
A youth tournament to be played at the same venue and time; Nr. of Teams
Catch nets behind all goalsTrue

*) Bonus points will be added in case the respective requirements were fulfilled!

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