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AS Trencín Beach Handball Cup 2022

16.07.2022 to 17.07.2022 - SVK
for Male+Female teams

EHF Beach Handball referees:
Dávid Chudoba
National ebt observer:
Dávid Halámek
Diana Kurcinová

**) Participation not confirmed yet

Ranking Men

1. 167pts Slovakia Karpatskí Rytieri 40pts  + 127pts Details
2. Mýtnickí vlci (SVK) (Non EBT team)
3. 147pts Slovakia LIMPOPO 20pts  + 127pts Details
4. 137pts Slovakia BHC Langoše 10pts  + 127pts Details
5. Slovakia Balons gang Details
6. Kokosy na písku (SVK) (Non EBT team)
7. SHTH (SVK) (Non EBT team)
8. SHTH B (SVK) (Non EBT team)

Ranking Women

1. 157pts Slovakia KANONIERKY 30pts  + 127pts Details
2. 147pts Slovakia Buchty 20pts  + 127pts Details
3. Angels army (SVK) (Non EBT team)
4. ??? (SVK) (Non EBT team)
5. BHC Malinky (SVK) (Non EBT team)
6. Cocodrilos (SVK) (Non EBT team)

Tournament Details

Live TV transmission (min 30’ LIVE of women’s and men’s finals)Regional TV
Live-streaming (only added, if link is provided to EHF PRIOR to the tournament)False
WiFi access points for the teams and officials free of chargeTrue
Stands for a minimum of 300 spectators (5 points per court)
Electronic scoreboards (showing time, teams and score)2 scoreboards
Floodlighting for matches played at night (min 1000 LUX - only counted, if used)False
Audio system and music during tournamentTrue
Prize Money in total (bank transfer ONLY)
Match days (not included: youth or additional competitions)2
Number of foreign teams (not included: youth competition)
Catch nets behind both goals (5 points per court)2 courts
Kids day/animation programme during the tournament (minimum one day)True
LED advertising boards (minimum on one long side on main court)False
Main court with 1,000 seats or moreFalse
U18 youth tournament played at the same venue and time (min. four U18 teams)False
U16 youth tournament played at the same venue and time (min. four U16 teams)False
U14 youth tournament played at the same venue and time (min. four U14 teams)False
Cheerleaders/dancers at least on the final dayTrue
Additional live-streaming on other courts than main court
Two referees per matchTrue
EHF education course for referees & delegates organisationFalse
EHF coaches course organisationFalse
Mini Beach Handball activitiesTrue

*) Bonus points will be added in case the respective requirements were fulfilled!

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