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26.09.2013 by ebt Webmaster

Outcome of the BC meeting

Based on the experience of the last ebt season as well as on feedback of teams and tournament managers new adaptations were made for the upcoming ebt season:

Learn more about it here:

1. Calculation of points:
A 2-way-calculation-system will be implemented for the next season.
The criteria

  • live streaming
  • DVD postproduction
  • number of foreign teams

can be selected by the organiser but will not be added to the tournament points announced on the website. They will be published as "bonus points" that will be added after the tournament if confirmed by the EHF delegate / national observer.

This shall avoid the registrations of tournaments with a high number of points which are not fulfilled at the end. In the best case the points given on the website prior to the tournament will therefore be the minimum points. Please note: Nevertheless tournament points can change due to reasons that cannot be influenced by the organiser or the EHF. However this new calculation system shall give a clearer picture on the "points" of a tournament.

The tournament ranking will be published as soon as it is confirmed by the EHF delegate / national observer but with a short  remark "not verified" until the EHF Office has confirmed the criteria live-streaming and DVD postproduction.

2. No-Show of teams
As stated in the ebt regulations the EHF recommends to tournament organisers to ask for the payment of the participation fee in advance in order to avoid any no-show and related problems / changes in the playing schedule.

3. No-Show / Late cancellation / No clear confirmation of delegates
The new registration system will ask all delegates, referees and national observers to confirm their participation in order to have a clear yes or no. In case of late cancellations the tournament organiser as well as the EHF (ebt@eurohandball.com) shall be informed as soon as possible.

Tournaments will be published via the website even before the confirmation of the officials but with a short remark "not confirmed".

4. live-streaming and DVD post-production
As off next season tournament organisers (that have added the criteria live-streaming and DVD post-production) will receive a reminder to provide the live-streaming link (2 weeks prior to the tournament) and the DVD post-production (2 weeks after the tournament). If the link / DVDs are not provided in time no points can be granted.

5. Verification by EHF delegate / national observer
After checking (and if necessary changing) the tournament criteria and entering the ranking the EHF delegate / national observer needs to verify the tournament. Afterwards no changes can be made by the EHF delegate / national observer.

6. Basic hint
In case of any problems cancellation of officials, change of tournament information, problems with log-in information, problems with website please contact AS SOON AS POSSIBLE the EHF Office via ebt@eurohandball.com. We can only help you and try to fix problems if we know the problem. Please make sure to inform us as soon as possible in order to keep all required deadlines. Late registrations, information based on technical or log-in problems that were not communicated cannot be accepted.

We hope this adaptations will help to make the ebt even clearer and more fair for all parties involved!

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