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23.06.2014 by ebt Webmaster

Clarfications on the Rules of the Game and Tournament Regulations


VALID FOR ebt season 2013 / 2014




  1. Goalkeeper leaving goal area during shoot-out
    1. If the goalkeeper takes the ball without any contact or infraction of the rules, the throw is over.
    2. Any collision, hit, or physical contact by the goalkeeper BEFORE the attacking player has received the ball leads to either:
  • 6m-throw plus disqualification of the goalkeeper if no direct goal has been achieved.
  • Or a goal plus direct disqualification of the goalkeeper (in case the throw resulted a direct goal).
  1. A collision at the moment the attacking player receives the ball leads to a 6m throw plus direct disqualification of the goalkeeper.
  2. In case the attacking player has already received the ball and has enough space and time to take action:
  • A small fault on the attacking player leads to 6m throw.
  • Any fault that in normal play would result in personal punishment will lead to a 6m throw plus disqualification of the goalkeeper.
  • Any collision, hit, physical contact or a step forward to provoke an offensive foul after the player has already started the spin-shot leads to a 6m throw plus disqualification of the goalkeeper.
  • The attacking player jumping into the standing goalkeeper is an offensive foul and therefore the throw is over.
  1. Goal area violation by an offensive player: The game is restarted with a goalkeeper throw.
  2. Own goal: An own goal scored by any player is awarded as a one-point goal to the opposition team.
  3. 10 players are eligible to play. At least six players must be present at the beginning of the match. When the number of players eligible to play drops below four, the game is over and the other team is the winner.
  4. Direct red card must be explained by the referees in the match report and results in immediate one-match suspension.
  5. Exclusion is no more part of the punishments.
  6. If the referees find an action to be particularly reckless, particularly dangerous, premeditated or malicious, they must submit a written report after the game. A direct red card with report leads to a DC decision.
  7. It is permitted to wear cloth made sport socks or support bandages. All other types of footwear (synthetic, rubber etc.) are not permitted. NO hard plastic or metal pieces are allowed in any bandage or aid.
  8. Caps, hats, bandanas of all team members (athletes, officials) must be of the same color. The team officials must wear identical shirts in different color than the shirts of their own team players. All team officials present at the court during their team’s game must be exactly in the same uniform, in different color than the shirts of their team players and the opponents.
  9.  Passive play (forewarning signal): The same application as for indoor handball Rules of the Game.
  10. In-flight goals: Two points are awarded only if the player who is in flight controls the ball by catching it with either one or both hands and then has a shot on goal -- all while still in the air -- and scores. A “slap” of the ball or just “pushing” the ball into the goal is only a one-point goal.
  11. Obstruction during 6m throw: For the sake of Fair Play, no kind of obstruction or deliberate attempted distraction of the thrower (for example, using arm movements, gestures, sounds, etc.) by the players standing next to or near the thrower is permitted.
  12. Goal area violation by a defensive player: The same application as for indoor handball Rules of the Game.
  13. Coin Toss:  Will be handled with “Rock, paper, scissors”.
  14. Spin-shot goals: A spin shot is considered correct (“complete”) when the jumping foot/feet of the player is/are pointing directly towards the goal at the point of take-off.


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