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01.10.2014 by ebt Webmaster

New ebt season

The new ebt season 2014/15 starts today!

All teams and organisers can now register for the new season!
However please check the new regulations here!



  • The DVD post production was deleted from the list of criteria.
  • Points for artificial light will only be awarded if the lights were used.


All organisers have to use the following system when realising the draw for their tournament as far as it concerns ebt teams:
The draw for the groups of National ebt tournaments shall follow the ebt ranking of the previous season, e.g.

ebt ranking previous year

  1. Team A
  2. Team B
  3. Team C
  4. Team D

Draw for National ebt tournament xy in case of 2 groups:

Group A:            Group B:
Team A               Team B
Team D              Team C

The correct draw shall be presented to the ebt observer prior to the tournament for his confirmation.

Rule: Each team manager is allowed to send only one team per gender (max. one Men’s team and one Women’s team).They are solely responsible, in the spirit of fair play, to be involved as manager in only one team, no control on this matter will be done by EHF. Protests will be granted in case of proved mislead. Meaning: A manager can only be responsible for one Men's and one Women's team!


  • Live-streaming links have to be provided min. 2 weeks prior to the tournament to ebt@eurohandball.com! If the link is not provided in time no points will be awarded.
  • ebt Observers shall not be involved in the organisation nor participate as referee or player
  • Any changes regarding criteria, nomination, etc. have to be provided to the EHF (ebt@eurohandball.com) as soon as possible!
  • The EHF has the right to question organisers of tournaments that show a big difference regarding the organiser points prior and after the tournament. In case of unsatisfying respond or the impression that the high criteria points were only added to attract teams but without the serious aim to fulfill the criteria respectively the EHF might ban the respective organiser / tournament for the next season.
  • The points for prize money shall only be awarded if the money is provided in cash. The value of vouchers, gifts, etc. does not count as prize money.
  • All tournaments have to follow the IHF Rules of the Game (also following playing time, etc.)

The last years showed a huge and still growing interest in Beach Handball in general and the ebt in particular. However this development also leads to the necessity to adapt our regulations in order to keep a fair surrounding for everybody!

We are looking forward for a successful and fair ebt season 2014/15!




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