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17.10.2019 by EBT Webmaster

Let’s get the new ebt season 19/20 started

Starting in October the new ebt season 2019/20 is already in action with two ebt tournaments coming up in December (Limburg Indoor/NED) and February (Winter Prague Open Beach Handball/CZE).


The new season brings also changes in the regulations:

  • National Beach Handball Team Week: In the week from 22 to 28 June 2020 no ebt tournament shall take place.
  • Organiser points: Points for tournament criteria were updated and focus is made on the live-streaming from more courts.
  • EHF education courses: The official EHF beach handball education courses are organised during the ebt tournament “Camelot” in NED from 21 to 26 July 2020. The tournament will be granted with additional points for the organisation of the referees, delegates and coaches course.


Reminders for ebt organisers:

  • Social media: The EHF media team invites all organisers to share content with the EHF in order to promote the ebt tournaments on the EHF social media platforms during the season. More information will be sent out after the registration of the tournament.
  • Registration: The registration of an ebt tournament can only be made until 30 days before the start of the tournament. The system doesn’t allow a later registration.
  • Live-streaming: The link for the streaming has to be forwarded to ebt@eurohandball.com no later than 14 days before the start of the tournament.
  • Nomination EHF referees: For tournaments with more than 200 provisional points, the EHF reserves the right to nominate one EHF referee pair.
  • Delegate reports: Each head delegate needs to send an obligatory written report including photos of the tournament criteria within 3 days after the end of the tournament. The final verification of the tournament and the points for the teams will only be granted after the complete report (+ pictures) was sent.
  • National Observers: Need to be announced to the EHF Office by the respective national federations at the beginning of the season. A National Observer may only be nominated as head delegate, in case there are no EHF delegates present at the same tournament.


For more information please check the regulations.


Have a great beach handball season and #dontworrybeachhappy!

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